Ad Title : SMF Battery 6V-4Ah, 4.5Ah, 12V-4.5Ah, 7Ah, 7.2Ah, 17Ah, 12V-20Ah, to 12V-200Ah

Description :

12V & 6V Maintenance Free SMF Battery. There is a wide range of 6V-4Ah, 4.5Ah, 12V-4.5Ah, 12V-7Ah, 7.2Ah, 12V-17Ah,12V-20Ah, 12V-42AH to 12v-200Ah available & provide to many OEMs, who are involved into all applications of standby power requirements like Solar Lanterns, solar street-light, Solar home lightings, Solar fencing applications, weighing scale Systems, UPS, Inverter and Emergency Lights, Telecommunication equipment, Fire Alarm and Security Systems, Railway Signaling, Electronic Attendance and Cash Registers etc. The VRLA batteries have a high shelf life thereby requiring longer time intervals between recharging of batteries in stock. 

* To assure this high quality and reliability, the batteries are 100 percent tested on production line for voltage, capacity, seals and the safety valve are 100 percent visually inspected before the final assembly process,

* Lead calcium grid for extended life – sealed-lead-acid-ups-battery.jpg
* Ensures highest current carrying capability. 
* Wide operating temperature range. 
* Usable and rechargeable in any position
* Computer-aided design
* High discharge recovery. 

We know that only through constantly adapting and improving our product line, can we continue to be on the forefront of power conversion technology. 

If you think /require SMF Battery & battery Packs? So we do best for you

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